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What is the use in reuse? Using items you already have, can acquire second hand or purchasing reusable products which helps save money and the planet. Talk to any baby boomer or older generation and they will tell you stories of how they reused everything from aluminum foil to tires. Reusing everything was an ingrained habit, especially during the Great Depression in the 1930s. After WWII when manufacturing started booming and the plastics industry introduced single use plastics, those old habits of reusing started to disappear into what our consumer habits are today, use once than toss in the trash.

Our throw away culture creates havoc on our environment and health. Who hasn’t seen a picture of some sea animal with plastic inside or around them? Do a trash audit and see how many items are plastic, and single-use products/packaging. If you are feeling a bit discouraged right about now, don’t! There are ways to reuse what you have to prolong the usefulness of the item. There are alternatives to single-use products and clever hacks to reuse lots of common household items. Follow this blog series to learn easy and creative ways in your everyday life to reduce your consumption and reduce your trash generation.

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