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Reducing what you consume ties directly to how much you send to the landfill and the magnitude of your environmental impact. Not to mention there is significant cost savings associated with consuming less! Reducing can feel challenging because of not feeling in control of how much packaging is in the products we purchase, or not wanting to lose the convenience of use it- toss it- done! Follow this series to become empowered by your consumption and learn tips on how to reduce in all aspects of your life. This series is focused on easy and budget friendly options.

The first place to start in reducing your waste is to ask yourself these questions next time you want to purchase something.

  • Do I really need this?
  • Do I already have something that can serve the same function?
  • Can I borrow this from someone?

In fact, sleep on your answers and see if they change. Or see how creative you get with using what you already have on hand before making the final decision to purchase that new item.

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