Recycling and Trash Frequently Asked Questions2021-01-07T18:22:29+00:00
What do I do if I have an issue with my trash or recycling service?2021-01-07T19:52:13+00:00

You can inform the City of Morgantown with a service issue by:

  1. Submit a complaint through the City of Morgantown’s website here. *Note you do not have to create an account to submit a complaint, you can proceed as a guest to fill out the form.
  2. Call or email Carol Allen to submit a complaint. 304-225-4213 or

You can also call Republic Services directly to report a concern at 304-366-8900 or 800-696-3173. **Please note that when you call Republic Services then the City of Morgantown will be unaware of the complaint. 

Why were numbers removed from which plastics can be recycled?2021-01-07T19:52:51+00:00

Which number on plastics that can be recycled was removed in an effort to clear up the perception number is the only indicator whether or not a plastic product is recyclable or not. Shape and size also factor into if a plastic is recyclable or not. For example, items smaller than a credit card should not recycled.

Also note that flexible packaging including plastic bags and wraps do not belong in your curbside recycling bin! They are considered Terrible Tanglers. Flexible plastic bags and packaging that passes the “thumb stretch test” can be recycled at major store retailers. To test whether flexible packaging can be recycled at a store apply thumb pressure to the plastic. If it stretches then it can be recycled at major store retailers, otherwise it should be discarded with your trash.

Learn more about Terrible Tanglers in the Terrible Tangler blog.

Why is the Recycle Right Morgantown guide different than Republic’s recycling guide?2021-01-07T19:43:56+00:00

Recycle Right Morgantown’s recycling guide is an updated and simplified guide from Republic Service’s last recycling guide. We worked closely with Republic Service to develop this guide and ensure the rules were correct.

Note Republic Service’s online resource is a general resource and does not include all rules that applies to this municipality.

Is curbside recycling offered in my area?2021-01-07T19:42:54+00:00

Curbside recycling is offered to all residents living in the City of Morgantown and is serviced by Republic Services. Recycling is included in your trash bill which is billed through MUB.

Note: If you rent or have a commercial account for your dwelling, please check with your landlord or commercial account contact to see if recycling is offered.

Do I live within city limits?2021-01-07T19:41:01+00:00

View the ward map to see if you live in Morgantown city limits.

Where do I get a recycling bin?2021-01-07T19:42:09+00:00

To get a free 35 or 65-gallon recycling bin call Republic Services at: 304-366-8900 or 800-696-3173

Or request a recycling bin through the City of Morgantown’s website.

Where can I recycle in Monongalia County?2021-06-30T19:17:16+00:00

If you do not live in the City of Morgantown or have curbside recycling then you can take your recycling to recycling drop-off location provided by the Monongalia County Commission. Drop-off recycling is available M-F from 7:00am3:30pm at the Westover City Building at 500 DuPont Road.

For more information, check out Mon County’s website at

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To learn more about recycling and trash disposal in Monongalia County visit the Monongalia Solid Waste Authority’s website.

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