How will you be an Earth Hero?

Take action for our planet and be an Earth Hero like Bernard and the other kids in the book. No action is too large or small when it comes to taking care of our home planet. Pledge now and start taking action.

In May we will show all the different pledges our community made to Earth Heroes!

Take the pledge

As we celebrate Earth Day this month, get inspired by the story a of a group of kids who take on different actions each month to better care for their home planet and be Earth Heroes! 

There are so many ways to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle to be an Earth Hero!

Example pledges:

  • I pledge to replace incandescent light blubs with LED bulbs. – Reduces energy use
  • I pledge to grow my favorite vegetable. – Reduces plastic packaging from buying produce at the grocery store
  • I pledge to recycle right by not putting plastic bags in my curbside bin. – Recycling right
  • I pledge to put reusable bags in my car and use them at the grocery store. -Reduces the amount of plastic and reuses bags