Recycle Right Morgantown Map of Bin Checking Areas

Where and when:


First Ward – April 5 – 26 (Mondays)

Woodburn Neighborhood – May 5-26 (Wednesdays)


South Park – August 3- August 31 (Mondays)

Greenmont – September 8- October 6 (Tuesdays)

Suncrest – October 16 – November 13 – (Fridays)

South Park – Area 2 -November 18 – December 17 (Thursday, will skip the week of Thanksgiving)

We will check recycling bins when they are out on the curb ahead of the recycling truck during the hours of 7:30am – 9:30am.

Go to our  bin checking FAQ to learn more about this program.

Click to enlarge

Click on the different areas to see how Oops (contamination) in recycling bins has changed!

A pop up window will appear and be sure to scroll down to see all the trends.

Below are some terms in the pop up window explained to aid in our transparency of the process.

  • Contamination rate – percentage of recycling bins in the select area found to have contamination
  • Common Oops: based on a tally of the different Oops (contaminates) found in recycling bins
  • Pre/Post- audit – Visual audit (percent coverage) of Oops in recycling contents for the select area. These audits are done at the Mountaineer Transfer Station. A recycling truck collects recycling for the select area and dumps it in a cleared area for the visual assessment.