Wait! Can this item be reused?

If you have gently used furniture and other home goods consider donating it to a thrift store. This can extend the life of the product instead of sending it to the landfill. Donating items also reduces the need to use virgin materials, creates more jobs in our local economy,  provides inexpensive furnishing options, and proceeds from many thrift stores go to help charitable causes. Below is a list of stores to donate gently used items. Also consider donating to non-profits and churches with programs to help people in need.

Bulk item disposal

If you have curbside recycling at your residence you can call Republic Services at 304-366-8900 to schedule a special bulk item pick-up.  Bulky item pick-up occurs on the same day as your regular trash pick-up.  Please verify with Republic Services that your bulky item pick-up is eligible and ask about any guidelines to ensure proper and safe pick-up of your bulky item(s).

What is considered a bulk item?

-An item of waste either too large or too heavy to be safely and conveniently loaded into the residential solid waste collection vehicles by the personal available. This includes household items such as large pieces of furniture, bed springs, mattresses, appliances and other discarded materials incidental to the usual routine of major housekeeping.

Bulk items in recycling

-Items including scrap metal, reusable storage containers, toys and lawn furniture are common “Oops” items found in recycling bins. These items should be discarded with your trash. If the item is too big to go with your regular trash please call Republic Services to schedule a bulk item pick-up. Scrap metal can be salvaged at scrap metal businesses, see the section on “Scrap Metal” to learn more. Plastic garden pots can be recycled at Lowes. Read our blog to learn more about proper recycling/disposal of lawn and garden materials.

You can also take your bulky items, trash and recycling to Mountaineer Transfer Station for a small fee.