What is Recycle Right Morgantown?

Recycle Right Morgantown is an initiative funded through a REAP Grant. The goal of the initiative is to reduce how much we send to the landfill by promoting Reduce, Reuse and Recycle principles. Explore the Reduce Right and Reuse Right pages to learn ways you can make easy adjustments to your everyday life to lower your environmental footprint to create a sustainable and healthier community.

To learn more about if you qualify for curbside recycling service or other questions related to recycling and trash service visit our FAQ page.


Currently, about 30% of what goes in curbside recycling bins is contamination in other words, its stuff that is trash! Contamination in curbside recycling could send entire truckloads of contaminated recycled material to the landfill, instead of going to make new products. Contamination is a nationwide problem and your help is the solution!

How we are tackling the problem

EducateA Recycle Right Morgantown Recycling Guide was sent out to residents in MUB bills in March 2020, and magnets mailed in August 2020. You can also download a guide here. Additionally guides and magnets are available in the city administration office at 430 Spruce St. Additionally, weekly blog posts about recycling tips and news can be found  on the RECYCLE RIGHT BLOG.

Direct feedback  In August 2020, we checked curbside recycling bins for contamination, ahead of the recycling truck in several Morgantown Neighborhoods Contaminated bins received an “Oops” tag with 1 or more checked boxes marked for 6 types of contamination. Learn more on the bin checking page.

Giving people direct feedback on how they are recycling has the best chance of changing behavior and teaching people how to Recycle Right! We need your help for this important part of the initiative!