In March we held a 2-week used greeting card collection event. We diverted over 235 pounds or 9,000 greeting cards from going to the landfill!
Cards were donated to various daycares throughout Morgantown to be used as crafts.
Next time you are cleaning out your card collection consider donating them to a school of childcare center to spark a kid’s imagination and extend the life of those special cards.

Recycling tips: Only plain greeting cards can be recycled. Any card with metallic, foil, glitter or other embellishments should not go in the recycling bin!

Recycling cards with electronics

  1. Remove the electronics and battery from the greeting card.
  2. Recycle plain greeting cards. Cards with embellishments go in the trash, or can be reused for crafting.
  3. Batteries from the electronics can be recycled at Best Buy, Lowes, or at MUB’s annual household hazardous waste event. Learn more here.
  4. Any electronic part of the card that is not the battery can be recycled where small electronics are accepted for recycling. Click here for a list of places.