In honor of World Water Day, this week’s post is all about an old go-to swap of a disposable item for a reusable one: the water bottle.

These days a reusable water bottle does not just represent that you care about the environment, it also represents your style and personality. Reusable water bottle technologies have advanced significantly in the past decade to suit your needs and lifestyle. You can get insulated water bottles that keep your ice crisp all day, bottles with a pattern that match your phone case, or both!

Instead of having to unscrew a lid or deal with a leaky pop top, you can opt for a bottle with a straw or snap cap. Your bottle can have a carrier, clip, handle, hand grip, your options are limitless.

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Cleaning tip: Use diluted vinegar to clean stainless-steel bottles instead of spending ten minutes and a lot of water trying to get all the soapy suds out of the water bottle.

I like drinking bottled water because it tastes better.

Everyone has their own preference; however blind taste test studies have consistently shown no difference between tap and bottled water. Additionally, tap water is subject to stricter regulations under the Environmental Protection Agency that is annually available to consumers. Bottled water is regulated under the Food and Drug Administration and has less regulations, and consumer reports on bottle water is not freely available to consumers[1].



Bottles can be used in on tons of creative ways for useful purposes such as a DIY waterer for potted plants or used for craft projects. Do a quick google search on plastic bottle crafts and see just how many search results pop up.


If buying bottled water is your speed, please dispose of the bottles responsibly and recycle them. Water bottles are made from #1 PET (polyethylene terephthalate) and are the best plastic to recycle. Plastic bottles made from #1 PET can be made into an array of different products including shirts, new bottles and benches. Be a maker, not a waster!