Plastic produce bags are often difficult to open. There is the pinch and rub method or the popular and unhygienic finger-licking method, either way it adds time and frustration to picking out produce.

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The alternative to plastic produce bags is cloth bags. They come in all different types of fabric including mesh, webbed or solid fabric. A quick google search will reveal a variety of reusable produce bag options. If you have fabric and can sew a straight line, you can quickly make bags while enjoying your favorite show or vlog. Cloth bags can simply be washed and reused over and over.

If you like berry or salad containers, they can be reused in lieu of plastic bags. Just be sure to not scan any barcodes on those containers to avoid being incorrectly charged.

Clamshells or berry containers can also be reused for a variety of purposes. They can help organize closets and your stash of holiday ribbons and bows. Plastic containers are also garden helpers, they can be used as green houses, seed starter containers or they can be used to wrap around fruit to help prevent frost bite! Check out this link for more inspiration on how reused clamshells

Awesome ways to reuse plastic fruit containers


If you do not have cloth bags but want to cut down on how many plastic bags you tango with at the store, try going freestyle. Of course, this is not optimal for a bunch of loose green beans, but a bundle of bananas can go bagless.


Plastic produce bags have the infamous recycling symbol accompanied by a number and asking you to “Please recycle”. Plastic bags CAN NOT be recycled in curbside bins or at the Westover drop-off recycling site. These bags MUST be taken to major store chains to be recycled. There is a bin in the front to deposit plastic bags for recycling.

Learn more about what plastic can be recycled at Kroger: