Wondering what to do with those broken or unwanted Christmas lights?

Step 1: Do Not put them in your recycling bin! Lights are Terrible Tanglers. Read more about Tanglers here.

Step 2: Take them to one of these local businesses for recycling. Or mail them in to get a coupon that can be applied towards the purchase of new lights. You have to pay for postage to send in your old Christmas lights. Both companies recommend using the small box possible that the lights will fit in, and to send them using the least expensive method.

Step 3: Enjoy the holiday season!

Savings tips: Purchase LED lights because they use less energy and last longer than conventional Christmas lights.

What get’s recycled? 

The lights are feed into shredders that cut the lights into millimeter sized pieces. The copper and brass wire, and insulation can be recycled into new products. The plastic bulb cases and glass gets tossed into the trash. Most Christmas lights get recycled in Shijiao, China. This city in the southern part of China is considered the Christmas tree light capitol of the world because it processes almost 20 million pounds of lights a year. Read more about in this article in The Atlantic.

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