Wow! Yesterday, we collected 4 large containers of electronics for recycling! Thank you to all our volunteers and Republic Services for making this event such a succes

Missed out on this event? If you live in City limits and have curbside recycling, you can call Republic to schedule a special electronic pick-up occurring on the fourth Friday of every month. Republic’s customer service number is 304-366-8900

You can also visit our RECYCLING RESOURCE page to learn where to recycle items not accepted at the curb. This includes electronics, textiles. scrap metal and medication.

What are the benefits of recycling electronics?

  • Keeps toxic metals, including lead, mercury and arsenic, out of landfills and from entering waterways.
  • Recycles precious metals.
  • Other materials such as glass and plastic can be recycled from electronics
  • Helps create more jobs than if electronics where sent to a landfill
  • Use less resources to manufacture new electronics from recycled material