On July 20, we conducted our first pre-audit of recyclables from Maple Street, Waitman Street, Wagner Road, and Simpson Street at the Mountaineer Transfer Station (MTS) to get a base level of contamination before we kick off bin checking on those streets starting on August 3! ♻️♻️♻️

The MTS is where all recyclables go after collection and get comingled with recycling from WVU and the county before being transported to a sorting facility.

The good news is contamination was about 18%, less than the average of 30%! The biggest offenders were soiled PIZZA BOXES, BAGGED RECYCLABLES and STYROFOAM👇

👉The challenge is to decrease contamination by 10% or more. Please put soiled cardboard and Styrofoam in the trash and don’t bag your recyclable, keep it loose!

👆We will check bins for contamination for five weeks ahead of the recycling truck. During that time, recycling bins found to have contamination will get an “Oops” tag and will not be collected until the contamination is removed. Once contamination is removed, the bin will be serviced during its next regular pickup day.

Houses selected for the program received a door hanger on Thursday, July 23, and a call from Republic Services.

***Part of Dorsey Ave was initially included in the bin checking area but has been removed due to time constraints. If you live on Dorsey Ave and received a call about the bin checking program please disregard!

  • A graphic showing an "Oops" tag which will be placed on contaminated curbside recycling bins.