Hoses, cords. plastic bags and wrapping really tangle up single-stream recycling!

Why? Tanglers are long or stretchy items that can get tangled in gears of machinery that sorts recyclables.

To remove the “Tanglers” from the gears workers must first stop the machine then, a worker has to get in the machine and physically clear the gears in the sorting machines. This not only poses a hazard to workers but also causes delays in sorting recyclable materials.

These items do NOT belong in recycling bins. They should be discarded with your trash unless they can be recycled through special programs. For example, plastic bags and wrapping can be recycled at major retailers including grocery stores. Cords and other electronic waste can be picked-up by Republic Services every fourth Friday of the month by calling their customer service and scheduling a pick-up at 304-366-8900.

Visit the Recycling Resource page for more information of where to recycle items that don’t belong in curbside recycling bins.

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