To prevent the spread of covid-19 and to help protect the health and safety of essential workers including waste and recycling workers please practice these recycling tips.

Disposable gloves, masks and other PPE

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) items made from plastic or other types of material are not recyclable and should be disposed of in your regular trash.

Medical supplies

Medical supplies such as CPAP masks, ventilator tubes and other medical equipment is not recyclable and hospitals do not have take back programs. Please dispose of used medical equipment in your regular trash. Go to this link to learn how to properly dispose of syringes in your home.

Cleaning supplies

Plastic containers that liquid/powder cleaning supplies come in are recyclable as long as they are Empty – Clean – Dry. This applies to disposable disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer and hand soap containers.

Paper towels, facial tissue and cleaning wipes

These items are not recyclable and should be disposed of in your regular trash. All trash should be in a secured plastic bag. There should be no loose trash in trash bins.

Is it safe to recycle during the covid-19 crisis?

Yes! Recycling and doing it right are important to decreasing what ends up in the landfill and most importantly keep essential workers safe!

Follow these “How Tos” to keep recyclables clean. Click on the image for our full recycling guide.